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The North Texas market boom 

Market insights by Alan Collier, Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Territory Manager

The relentless boom in construction and economic growth across North Texas has seen local construction companies inundated with work – with many booked out for months ahead.

Texas has seen huge growth in infrastructure for decades. Its business-friendly tax environment and family friendly atmosphere make it an attractive location for many large and small-scale companies to build their headquarters.

With so many corporations choosing to build in the area, the surrounding support infrastructure needs to expand to sustain the influx of families following these organizations.

New developments mean a surge in appetite for ground-engaging and heavy-dirt equipment – assets many local companies need to source in addition to their existing fleets.

By offering an alternative solution to banks and conventional equipment rental providers, Iron Capital is best positioned to help clients who are struggling to meet the increase in demand.

Most banks will only look at a company’s past financials to issue them credit, even when their demand has grown exponentially. Through our rental purchase programs, we’re able to secure the equipment clients need based on their projected workload – and earn equity in their fleet while they rent.

Recently, we were able to help add $1.2 million worth of fleet to a local excavation company who, due to their rapid growth, needed to rent equipment to keep up with incoming work.

Our clients’ needs are the main priority at Iron Capital Group. Every successful outcome and relationship we build is based on trust and integrity.

Building healthy relationships with our clients enable us to work together to meet their individual needs, problem-solve and gain access to the equipment they require.

Our clients find their own machinery and negotiate their own deals with the equipment seller, while Iron Capital Group provides the capital backing to get our business partners the machinery they need to get the job done.

We work with any equipment vendor our clients choose, giving our customers the freedom to shop around and find the best deals possible while knowing we’ve got their back.

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