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Western Sydney Airport’s first major earthworks contract open for bidding

August 23 2018 – Last week WSA Co – the Government-owned company building Western Sydney Airport – announced it was inviting companies to bid for a major contract to complete the sizable task of clearing and levelling the Badgerys Creek site.

According to the Government, the airside earthworks, pavement and runway construction package has now been split into three separate contracts. It’s a move the Government hopes will open the playing field and make it easier for more businesses to be involved in the massive infrastructure project while not compromising a competitive construction market.

Top of mind for WSA Co when it comes to awarding the contract will be its local employment targets which is set at 30 per cent during construction and 50 per cent during operation, meaning there’s ample opportunities for Western Sydney residents and business.

The initial earthmoving contract is expected to be awarded in mid-2019 with major earthworks expected to commence in the second half of 2019. Early earthworks are scheduled to commence before the end of this year. The task ahead will require the successful bidder to transform the undulating 1780-hectare site. The Government says the difference in height between the lowest and highest point of the site is the equivalent of a 12-storey building—requiring the levelling of 22 million cubic metres of soil to make the airport site flat.

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