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$62 billion infrastructure plan for South East Queensland

24 January 2019 – The South East Queensland Council of Mayors has proposed a $62 billion infrastructure and transport plan set to reshape South East Queensland (SEQ). The plan includes major highway upgrades, new tunnels, fast rail networks, river crossings, and new bypasses.

The plan aims to address the challenges facing SEQ, as outlined in the People Mass Movement Study, which was designed to bring federal, state and local plans for transport and roads together, to effectively address predicted population growth.

Council of Mayors Chair and Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said, “As the population continues to grow, this plan is an important step towards protecting the quality of life we currently enjoy in SEQ as well as ensuring that we can safely and efficiently move residents, tourists and freight throughout our region.”

“By 2041, the region will be in gridlock. The SEQ People Mass Movement Study highlights our region’s dependence on private vehicle use, now and in the future,” he said.

“Without access to efficient and reliable public transport options, many commuters have no choice but to use the car as their primary mode of transport.”

47 critical projects have been proposed to take place over the next two decades, with the aim to make SEQ a 45-minute region by 2031.

The proposed plan sets to address many issues outlined in Infrastructure Australia’s Planning Liveable Cities report outlining key challenges faced by Australia’s five largest cities.

Population in the region is set to grow by 1.8 million over the next 25 years and Infrastructure Australia’s report recommends that strategic planning along with local input is essential to maintaining liveability and character of the area.

Top five infrastructure projects proposed for SEQ

  • North-West Transport Corridor (Urban passenger rail and four-lane motorway from Bald Hills to Stafford Rd and Alderley Station)
  • Cross River Rail
  • Faster Rail (Brisbane to Sunshine Coast)
  • Faster Rail (Brisbane to the Gold Coast)
  • Faster Rail (Ipswich to Toowoomba)

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