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The Iron Capital Advantage

Choose a machine from the equipment dealer of your choice and receive a quote.
Once you’re happy with the terms, we’ll have a contract ready for you within 24 hours.
At the end of your contract, you can hand back your equipment. buy it or renew your contract.

Our Guarantee

  • Available for new and used machines.
  • Easy approval process.
  • Choose your equipment dealer.
  • We buy it, you rent it.
  • Build equity while renting.
  • Asset focused approach.

Flexible Return Options

Buy the machine

at the agreed Purchase Option value.
Continue to rent

at a lower monthly cost.
Return the machine

and walk away.

Is RPO right for your Business?

  • I’ve won a large project I can't fully service with my existing fleet.
  • I’ve acquired a short-term job and/or need a specialised piece of equipment.
  • I’d like to build equity on machines I’m currently renting.
  • I’m a credit worthy customer who's extended on traditional finance and needs a short-term solution.

Talk to us

Talk to our local representatives about how we can help with your project equipment needs.
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