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$80 million to fund a new TAFE campus for Western Sydney

8 March 2019 – The NSW Government has pledged $80 million in funding for a new TAFE campus for Western Sydney, an investment it hopes will ensure there is a pipeline of skilled workers to meet soaring demand from new infrastructure projects.

The state-of-the-art facility is set to produce 700 new workers each year and deliver specialised training in construction trades with key skill shortages, such as carpentry construction, electrical, and plumbing.

Additionally, the NSW state government will deliver a further 100,000 free TAFE and VET course over the next four years.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said there is an unprecedent demand for more skilled workers in NSW thanks to the booming economy, record low unemployment rate, and $90 billion investment in new infrastructure.

“We know the costs associated with further education and training can be prohibitive, so these additional free courses will ensure people who wish to access training to start their career or secure another job have the best opportunity.”

The 100,000 additional courses will be made up of 70,000 new fee-free traineeships for young job-seekers and 30,000 free TAFE places for mature-aged workers.

Minister responsible for TAFE NSW Adam Marshall said the new TAFE campus in Western Sydney would boost TAFE’s ability to train the State’s future tradies.

“Already we’re seeing soaring demand for construction trade enrolments at TAFE thanks to our infrastructure boom,” he said.

“This commitment to TAFE and VET will ensure there is a pipeline of skilled workers to keep driving the NSW economy forward and get the job done.”

Infrastructure Australia released its 2019 Infrastructure Priority List, a critical reference point for the most important infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years. The list identified 39 priority infrastructure projects and initiatives in NSW, more than any other state, demonstrating the future demand for skilled workers.

Infrastructure Australia’s top priority infrastructure initiatives for NSW:

  • Regional NSW road network safety improvements

  • A3 and A6 corridor capacity

  • Picton Road safety and capacity

  • Prospect Highway capacity

  • Shoalhaven River crossing capacity

  • Sydney CBD motorways optimisation

  • Sydney cruise terminal capacity

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