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ARA release Rail Priorities for 2019 Federal Election

Thursday 9 May – The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has released its rail priorities for the 2019 Federal Election.

The policy development paper titled Rail-Creating Vibrant Cities, Thriving Regions and a Connected Nation, sets out transport and infrastructure challenges facing the Australian government and makes recommendations where rail can play a key role.

ARA CEO Danny Broad said, as Australian cities continue to grow and our freight task increases, the pressure on our road network also increases.

“Avoiding and reducing congestion is one of the biggest benefits that can be achieved by moving passengers and freight onto properly planned and funded rail solutions, integrated with other transport modes,” he said.

“New light and heavy rail urban passenger projects are underway or planned in most Australian capitals and Inland Rail is being built as the backbone of our national freight supply chain.”

Australia’s rail industry facilitates the transportation of more than one billion tonnes of freight annually and is an integral part of the economy. Rail employs more than 150,000 Australians and supports hundreds of companies that build infrastructure, manufacture and supply goods and deliver professional services.

The ARA recommends that the Australian Government continue to increase its funding of urban passenger and freight rail projects which are essential to reduce road congestion, improve the quality of life in major cities and increase economic productivity.

The Australasian Railway Association consulted with 151 rail organisations to identify key issues for the next Australian Government to address in order maxmise the benefits of record infrastructure investment.

The Australasian Railway Association’s key priorities are:

  • Making Cities Liveable
  • Connecting our regions
  • Supporting employment
  • Strengthening our economy
  • National coordination to support industry

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