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Infrastructure spending top of agenda at state budgets

Investment in infrastructure has been placed firmly on the agenda in the South Australian and Tasmanian budgets, handed down by the respective governments this week.

South Australia has committed $16.7 billion investment to infrastructure over four years, to include $6.9 billion in road infrastructure, $2.2 billion in water infrastructure and $772 million in public transport.

Key to the stimulus injection is the construction of the North-South Corridor, with the final section of the project given the tick of approval. Jointly funded by the Federal Government, the project is estimated to cost $8.9 billion, and has been flagged to be completed by 2030.

Tasmania has also gone big, focusing stimulus packages towards providing an infrastructure-led recovery for the state. With infrastructure investment totalling close to $5 billion, and the record level spending is expected to support employment and return confidence in the economy to pre-COVID levels.

Key South Australia projects to receive funding

  • $8.9 billion North-South Corridor
  • $250 million for Hahndorf traffic improvements
  • $185 million for Fleurieu connections improvements package
  • $135 million for the Strzelecki track
  • $30 million for Golden Grove road
  • $35 million for upgrades to the South Eastern Freeway
  • $26.4 million for upgrades to the Goodwood, Springbank and Daws Road intersection
  • $18.3 million for a statewide electric vehicle charging network

Key Tasmania projects to receive funding  

  • $65 million for Tasman Bridge upgrade
  • $37 million for the Hobart-Sorell corridor
  • $10 million for upgrades to Bass Highway
  • $4 million for West Tamar Highway
  • $5.15 million for Launceston Airport upgrades

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